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Finnish Envelope Construction. Different roof and external wall constructions can be used with wide-span wood-framed buildings. in the same way, wooden roof and external wall constructions can be used with wide-span steel or concrete-framed buildings. The elements in the external envelope are dimensioned ... Wooden boards can be used on the inside of the elements to stiffen the vertical studs and the entire building. The internal cladding is fixed on top of the stiffening boards.

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Finland by Tampere University of. Technology (Microbial Growth in the. insulation of Concrete Panel Facades,. 1999) and Turku University (Microbial contamination in rendered insulation layer of concrete walls, 1999) confirms that PAROC Stone wool is a poor environment for microbe growth. Efficient sound insulation. Due to its porous fiber structure and high density, PAROC Stone wool provides excellent insulation against external noise through walls and roofs as well as internal& ...

Finnish fibreboard produces and markets a wide range of LION hardboard products. Our Heinola mill has annual production capacity of over 65,000 m<sup>3</sup>. The main end uses for our hardboards are the building, door and furniture industries. Read more · Contact us for more information. Lion-Farm board. Materials for farm buildings have to be hard wearing and durable. Lion-Farm board is a safe and easy to use hardboard which is also excellent for animal pens. Read more · Certificates.

Recovered paper is an importantmaterial in paper production. About 77 per cent of paper and paperboard consumed in Finland was recovered in 2015. in Europe, the recovery rate was 75 per cent in 2015.

Metsä Group (previously Metsäliitto Group) is a Finnish forest industry group present in about 30 countries. Metsä Group's core businesses are tissue and cooking papers (Metsä Tissue), board (Metsä Board), pulp (Metsä fibre), wood products (Metsä Wood) as well as wood trade and forestry services (Metsä Forest). Metsä Group's sales totalled EUR 5.0 billion in 2012, and it employs approximately 11,500 people. Metsäliitto Cooperative, the parent company of Metsä Group, is owned& ...

Their enthusiasm to learn more increases board by board. One goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of the making of a surfboard. Hakala deems polystyrene, the material used for the core of the board, relatively eco-friendly, but using glass fibre for hardening the board less so. Replacing glass fibre with other types of fibre would make the board less toxic for both the maker and the sea. Pinguinos have already tested flax fabric. Another alternative is hemp, but& ...

Frames for Finnish wide-span buildings. BUILDinGS WITH SEPARATE FRAMES. Columns and beams. The most common frame type for wide-span buildings consists of a series of columns carrying a system of beams, trusses or ties. ... The single-bay building is stiffened with wooden boards. The width of such a building may be about 20 metres and the height about 6 metres. If a greater width is required, the building can be divided into two bays with a line of columns supporting a& ...

ingerois Mill produces cartonboard for customers, such as printing houses and consumer packaging converters. We develop and produce high quality folding boxboards.

The smooth side of the board is printed with a woodgrain pattern using water-based printing ink using printing cylinders.

Metsä fibre is a leading producer of bioproducts and bioenergy. Its Botnia pulp grades are for the production of board, tissue, printing and specialty papers.

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