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In this installment, I set the beams on the posts and affix the posts plumb to the beam with 1/2"x8" galvanized bolts.

Probably the biggest mistake people make when building a deck for their above ground pool is they run the decking boards over the pool's top rails. I get it. They want to have the look of wood running right to the water and completely hide the pool's frame. That's a nice look, but not that nice for three reasons. The first is the reason for this blog post. The deck will be in the way when you need to take the pool apart to change the liner. Some who know this but do it& ...

Install 2" x 6" treated deck supports around the perimeter of the pool. The deck supports should be screwed into the side of each interior pier that faces the pool. Screw the supports to the interior piers using 2-1/2 inch deck screws. Use a level ... Hang one joist hanger every 16 inches on the insides of both deck supports so that the joists will be perpendicular to the supports. The midpoint of each joist hanger should be 16 inches on center.

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Some items in this video are glanced over. We used joist hangers and 3/8" lag screws and washers through the 2x8 bands into the posts. For more detail s on the way we install joist hangers and lag screws see the "How To Build a Ground Level deck"on our channel, click the Bull.. Read more. Show less. Reply 21 22. Loading... View all 4 replies. View all 4 replies. Hide replies. XJumpy951 year ago. I don't know why, but whatching this is so satisfying xD. Read more.

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