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how to lay laminate flooring with Wickes, expert DIY and home improvement advice on how to lay laminate and wood flooring. Subscribe to the Wickes YouTube ch... ... If you are putting laminate on concrete floors screed may be a good idea, however yes it you have persistent damp patches on screed, treating the floor with a acrylic damp proofing is the best way of stopping damp from rising up and making the screed crack. Acrylic screed acrylic screed layers are& ...

to lay laminate flooring. 2. Place spacers. Wedge a spacer between the end and edge of the board and the wall. You can buy spacers or make your own. If making your own, they should be 3/16" to 1/4" thick, L-shaped, and a foot long or so. You will need several, six or more for the first two rows. to lay laminate flooring. 3. Repeat for the second board. Place the next board the same way, laying it end to end, occupying the next spot along the& ...

laminate flooring beautifully mimics wood or tile and now is also available in solid colors. It installs quickly, transforming a room in as little as a day. Instead of being nailed or glued down like most flooring it "floats" without fasteners, its planks locked together to make one complete sheet. Because it needs no fastening and requires few cuts, it is an ideal type of flooring for DIY installation. laminate flooring is tough too, lasting 15 to 25 years depending on traffic.

laminate floors have the same great look as hardwood floors and the installation is easy.

how to install a laminate floor. ... I was wondering how you covered the gap between the baseboard and the floor but one of the commenters said you put down 1/4 round at the bottom of the baseboards. I guess you could also remove the ... Ideally, you should not HAVE to use sealer, but in reality, you are going to wind up with a damp spot the size of a quarter on your laminate boards if you don't seal the toilet to go from being 99.999% watertight to 100%.. Read more.

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