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Some mobile homes have the electrical walls traveling through the ceiling and down into the walls, some through the exterior walls and some under them. Again, it's up to you to the homework and research, please do it! Take the strips and molding off the wall. Peel back the flooring if needed. Then tear only the paneling/wall board off of one side of the wall very carefully. Start at one corner and make a small hole. Use a crow bar or hammer to gently pull the paneling away from the& ...

Here is a quick little video on how to correctly paint mobile home paneling so it does not peel off. More mobile home Videos: Super Quick Remodel Update: htt...

The construction of a mobile home or double-wide takes place on an assembly line. Typically, vinyl flooring is rolled across the entire floor followed by ... where vinyl flooring is intended. wallboard -- a form of drywall with a pre-printed pattern -- is attached to the 2-by-4s in mobile homes with staples to form the walls. ... mobile home walls are made of wallboard. ... Replace all the panels in the room. Use drywall nails for drywall. for wallboard, use fine nails or staples.

Quick, easy access to plumbing, electrical, telephone, sprinklers, etc. and lowers the cost of future repairs. Easy to install: just measure, cut, then pop in the panel. Patented, spring-loaded mechanism permits frameless mounting from the outside. High-impact, non-yellowing polystyrene panel is backed by one-year warranty. No screws, latches, fasteners or framework needed. Lightly textured surface accepts wallpaper or paint. Panel - Access (8" x 8"). Panel - Access (14" x 14"). .

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Follow our repair steps for fixing your damaged mobile home wall panels.

Drywall is another popular material which can be found in many homes, mobile or not. Drywall panels are made using gypsum plaster which is then pressed into a vertical frame to make a drywall. This type of wall evolved as a simpler, quicker alternative to the traditional lath and plaster walls. While a plaster wall may take up to a week to get dry, even an amateur carpenter can set up a drywall and have it ready in two days. Manufactured home Drywall. Image Credit:& ...

Get rid of them with these three ways to cover the walls in your mobile home on a budget. ... three ways to cover walls With all that said, I still get those questions. If you've never lived in a mobile home, there's one thing that we all hate those darn strips on mobile home walls that they use to hide the cracks in the drywall. mobile homes are made with pre-wallpapered dry wall, then .... I agree with you Nancy, I still look still look at that paneling in the home that I bought a few years ago.

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