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Flood Precast concrete flooring manufacturers deliver flooring solutions including wide slab, voidslab, hollowcore and omnia flooring.

the floor depth. To provide lateral restraint to the steel beam and to meet sound/fire requirements it is necessary to fill the void between the hollowcore unit and the steel beam with. C25/30 grade concrete. in-situ concrete and formwork by others. 25mm unit clearance. 75mm min bearing. Continuity over steelwork. Where the nominal bearing is less than. 75mm the same detail as used for masonry walls less than 190mm is required. Bearing on shelf angles. slabs can be formed with& ...

Irish contractor John Sisk & Son is involved in this build of a 660,000sq ft mixed-use development at Capital Dock, a prime waterfront site in Dublin's south docklands. This will… read more · Key Construction dates met using flood precast concrete flooring slabs. Ronan Leavy. August 22, 2017. Flood Precast designed, manufactured, supplied and installed hollowcore flooring for Roof slabs for DAA Pier 1 Extension. This project had an accelerated programme with key construction& ...

Flood Precast supply hollowcore flooring Slab, a concrete flooring solution from which is quick to install and eliminates costly on-site concrete pours.

We deliver structural precast concrete products that deliver beyond expectations for the construction industry. Find out more online.

Prestressed hollowcore concrete flooring manufactured by Creagh Concrete in Northern Ireland and available throughout the uk and Ireland. ... and the uk. Its Prestressed hollowcore flooring capacity is serviced by two state of the art production facilities in Ardboe, Northern Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland which have the capacity to produce in excess of 800,000 m² of concrete flooring annually. ... slabs can be designed ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hour fire rated as standard.

Coltman prestressed concrete hollowcore floor and roof slabs comprise hollow and solid concrete flooring units, nominally 1200mm wide and of various depths placed side by side with a grouted joint. Precast concrete floors provide our customers with a quick form of flooring construction, enabling the principal contractor to progress in most cases to the next level of construction within a day of the precast concrete hollowcore flooring units being installed, saving time and money.

Spanwright hollowcore Concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is one of the key elements of a secure investment in any building, contributing to the structure's safety, durability and thermal performance. Wright's introduced their first hollowcore floor slab in 2001 and Spanwright uk now offer a wide variety of reinforced and prestressed hollowcore concrete floor units. Competitive pricing, fast installation and reduced time and associated site risks make precast concrete flooring the& ...

Bison hollowcore floors have sound reducing qualities and fire resistance which are perfect for apartments.

hollowcore flooring is a precast prestressed concrete slab, which is suitable for use in a range of commercial buildings, car parks, offices, apartments and in all types of housing. hollowcore can easily fit into any structural system, whether it is steel, in-situ, precast or concrete masonry.

AG are one of the uk's largest manufacturers of prestressed concrete hollowcore flooring and with good reason. AG Precast have the scale and experience to ...

Flood Precast designed, manufactured, and supplied 1500m2 hollowcore and 8no Stairs for this new school project. Our design and engineering team here at Flood Precast can advise and draw slab detail for customers, architects and engineers. hollowcore slabs have excellent long-span capabilities, achieving a maximum capacity of 2.3 KN/sq.m over a 16 metre span. hollow core plank is a pre-stressed concrete member primarily used for floor and roof decks.

Coltman Precast Concrete - design, manufacture and installation - precast concrete hollowcore floor and flooring slabs, solid planks, precast stairs, landings, balconies, terracing, ground beams and column & beam encasures.

O'Reilly pre-stressed hollowcore floor units have better thermal properties than slabs with open hol- low voids due to completely closed cores filled with polystyrene. The air movement in traditional hollow- core slabs reduces their thermal performance. The thermal performance of standard O'Reilly Hol- lowcore floor slabs is 25% better in average com- paring to the same slabs with open voids. THERMAL MASS EFFECT. Thermal mass is a property that enables precast concrete floors& ...

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FOR EXTENSIVE TECHNICAL DETAILS PLEASE VISIT OuR wEbSITE: www.bison.co.uk. hollow core floorS. THE bENEFITS. STrucTural EfficiEncy. A hollow core slab offers the ideal structural section by reducing deadweight while providing the maximum structural efficiency within the slab depth. flExiBiliTy of DESign approacH. Precast floors are available with a variety of factory-formed notches, slots and reinforcement arrangements which offer various design approaches.

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