Best Yoga Mats of 2014


Another portion of reviews we prepared for you is about best yoga mats available in the market. Yoga is Indian philosophy that teaches people both mental and physical exercises. It counts more than 5000 years and even though it is very related to religion, it is also wide known term for amateur sportsmen. We believe that yoga is a great way to reach harmony and is great attachment to daily workout routine or, for those who have some critical injuries, even the main choice. We would like to go through five best yoga mats that we tried ourselves and can recommend with confidence.

5. Yes4All Premium Yoga Mat

Yes for All – great name for a start of our yoga mat reviews. This light weight, very portable and useful mat fits not only for Yoga but also Pilates and various stretching exercises. Some of our friends say that they even used it as a cushion under their sleeping bag while camping. Really interesting choice but for a price like this you can buy even two mats for every occasion.

Black NPR Yoga Mat 68x24x1/2″ – ²YI81Z (Misc.)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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 4. Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

We know that people who are doing Yoga are special – and they are especially creative. That’s why we decided to add some colors and fantasy to this list with Gaiam Print Yoga Mats. Maybe it is not the most expensive or competitive in quality but it will definitely will brighten your day or make you more noticeable in sports hall.  This is great choice for those who like changing Yoga mats at least once a year and wants to be different. This Yoga mat is great for home or studio work out, it is 3 millimeter thick and works great for cushioning the body to reach poses you need. Price is another lovely thing about this Yoga mat. Go and choose the texture or words you like most. 

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat, Gray Peony Prosperity, 3/4mm (Sports)

List Price: $23.49 USD
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3. Monster Fitness Premium Yoga Mat Bronze medalist

Another great tool that is really worth 3rd place in our top list of best Yoga mats. This great exercise friend will help you to improve your functional fitness routines, make sure your body holds the best possible position and you reach your Yoga goals.  What we would really like to mention is that this large and comfortable mat is very breathable, smooth and flexible. It is also designed to be portable and is real star comparing to other mats – you will definitely be noticed if you choose pink or red mat. Both colors and prices will fit for all Yoga enthusiasts.

2. ProSource Premium Yoga Mat Runner-Up

Enough of colorful fancy things? OK, let’s move to more professional stuff that comes from ProSource. Their premium series is one of the best choices we ever done and we get lots of good reviews from our colleagues. This mat will be adored by those who are tired of cushion-less mats that sticks more than cushions. This extra thick mat is made using special “Comfort Foam” technology, stands 1|2 inch off the ground and is much thicker than most Yoga mats you can find in review sites. We can share one little secret – this yoga mat works especially great in restorative exercises. What else? Non-slippery, moisture resistant surface, carrying case and wide range of colors. Just choose yours and start understanding secrets of Yoga.

1. Manduka eKO Lite 2.0 Yoga Mat Top Selection 

And the winner is… Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat from 2nd series. Don’t let this playful name to trick you. We are talking about most professional Yoga mat in this list and this is for the following reasons:  (1) newly created wet | grip surface to avoid any possible slippery, (2) rubber that is very natural, does not cause any allergies and is almost 100 percent latex-free, (3) it PVC-less and created only from ecological materials, (4) no toxins that are often found in other Yoga mats and also (5) scent-free. If this set of features is not enough, take a look at the picture – this is not usual one-color mat but nicely designed exercise tool that you will be proud of. Our personal Yoga favorite!

Manduka eKO Lite 2.0 Wet-Grip Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat, 3mm, Moss (Sports)

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Which one you chose? Let us know in the comments and add your favorite pose of Yoga, we are looking forward to try it out on one of those great Yoga mats reviewed above. 

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