Best Fitness Gym DVDs of 2014

Lack of inspiration while doing your gym routines? That’s not a big problem nowadays because there are lots of workout DVDs that helps you to find out the best gym techniques. Just turn it on in your living room or garage (wherever your home gym is) and rise to the new heights of fitness. We will present you top fitness DVDs that are now on the market. Hopefully that will help you to choose from all training tutorials that flooded on-line marketplaces. So, let’s get it started!

5. Body Beast DVD Workout

Sounds pretty scary, isn’t it? Well, it should sound scary for those who tend to waste time during their workouts or time in gym. This workout video tutorials provides you a program that should help you to add 10 pounds of muscles just in 90 days. In the set of DVSs you will find twelve workout programs, nutrition guide and  double-sided schedule for your training. We can assure you that this DVD set is for really active and intensive sportsmen who likes dynamic training.

Body Beast DVD Workout – Base Kit (Sports)

List Price: $109.80 USD
New From: $49.85 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

4. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Ready for revolution of your body? This is another 90 program but this one is for those who want to lose weight. And especially women that are really busy because this DVDs provide a 30-minute programs that need to be done only once a day. Jillian prepared you fifteen DVDs full of useful information together with 90 day journal, first week diet suggestions and also online club membership for 30 days. This is a great set that will keep you rolling!

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)

List Price: $49.98 USD
New From: $43.03 USD In Stock
Used from: $40.87 USD In Stock

3. Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit Bronze medalist

Jilian Michaels is definetely not the only hot woman with a great body who provides her way of working your way to perfect look. One of her competitors is Chalene Johnson who is responsible for this 3 DVD set called “PiYo”. What differs it from others is that Chalene is focusing not only on regular gym but also involves muscle sculpting techniques, core firming exersices and Yoga / Pilates basics. It is greatly balanced between fast fat burning exercising and low impact workouts that leads you to a harmony of your body. Altogether you will find 10 easy understandable and enjoyable workouts, starting guide and a calendar for your daily routines. By the way, you can also get an individual diet plan and even tape measure to track how your workouts are helping you to lose weight.

Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit – DVD Workout with Exercise Videos + Fitness Tools and Nutrition Guide (DVD)

List Price: $72.80 USD
New From: $72.80 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

2. Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix Runner-Up

Another sportswoman coming to help all the ladies around the world with overweight problems is Autumn Calabrese who prepared her unique 21 day body fix program. This essential package has 7 30 minute workouts that fits into 2 DVDs and it states that by following all the techniques and exercises suggested in 21 days you can lose up to 15 (!) pounds. Doesn’t that sound great? Getting ready for your wedding or another special day? Go for it and try this 21-day program to look and feel better. In the package you will also find other helpful thins such as diet plan and example of a 3-day body fix plan.

Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix – Essential Package (Sports)

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock
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1. Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit Top Selection 

Losing weight is great for women but men usually more interested in adding some weight in the form of muscles. That’s why on the top of the list you find Shaun T and his T25 focus base kit. In 9 DVD set you will find 11 non-stop workout that each lasts for 25 minutes (so you won’t waste much time daily on it). Just push play and let the workout party begin. We’ve tried it ourselves, shared DVDs with each other and all agreed that this DVD workout set is one of the top choice in the market.

FOCUS T25 Shaun T’s NEW Workout DVD Program—Get It Done in 25 Minutes (Sports)

List Price: $139.80 USD
New From: $72.80 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

What is your favorite DVD training partner?

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