Best abs trainers of 2014

absWhen you talk about perfect body one of the first things that comes to your mind must be abs or if we would be very specific – muscles called rectus abdominis. Whatever it means we all know that this is main attribute of all professional swimmers, sprinters and football superstars such as Christiano Ronaldo or David Beckham.  Is it something that you can be proud of in your body? We are pretty sure that there is much space for improvements. We work on it daily and suggest you to do the same. There are many ways to build nice abs , all of them has advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we decided to go through some of the main options and compare best solutions. This time we will run down the countdown from number five to number one.

5. Ultrasport Sit-Up Bench with Dumbbells

Sit-up bench was the most popular choice for ab training for a long time and we can call it classic of the category. This is still used very often and you won’t find any gym without such thing. You will say that sit-up bench is a sit-up bench and there ain’t much what to discuss about it but here comes this Ultrasport sit-up bench with some additional features making it not just a simple sit-up bench.

What differs it from other products is additional elastic straps that creates much more space for different kind of exercises and also helps to avoid main problem of sit-up benches – hurting backbone or other back pains. Using it you can control the resistance with your hands and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Also, with dumbbells added to the package you can go even further and train your chest and arms while working on abs.

This flexible bench will perfectly fit to your home fitness corner – you can easily pack it back with two adjustments and hide it under any part of furniture.  Have spacey house and want to have  a great tool for your classic work-out to form firm abdominal and back muscles – that’s a deal for you.

Ultrasport Sit-Up Bench with Dumbbells (Sports)

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 4. Black Mountain Products Dual Stability Ab Wheel Roller

Ab Wheel Rollers is something that we can call real trend in nowadays training world and you will notice that in this countdown. Most of the experts agree that this tool is one of the most effective way to train your abs.

This Black Mountain is a great choice for those don’t want to spend much money but want to have useful tool for daily workout. Gray, solid design won’t ruin interior either at home, either at office. It has all the basic functionality expected from this kind of products – smooth double wheel roller will help you to keep balance and do your exercises. By the way, you can count on lifetime warranty for each ab wheel roller.

Black Mountain Products Dual Stability Ab Wheel with Knee Mat (Sports)

List Price: $16.44 USD
New From: $11.08 USD In Stock
Used from: $29.99 USD In Stock

 3. ProSource Abdominal Ab Exercise Mat Core Trainer  Bronze medalist

Not into sit-up benches or wheel rollers?  Want to take full control of your practice and use your fantasy while working out? Then you should try this Abdominal exercise mat core trainer coming from ProSource.

This tool allows you to create up to 10 (of course, there are no limits for real hard workers..) exercises both on your front and your back. Flexible and naturally curvy design will make sure your lower side of the back feels great will doing sit-ups or lift-ups. Also, you can trust high density foam that supports your body. Dimensions of this tool is 15x12x2.5 but the great thing is that this one-size product fits for all sizes. Enjoy!

 2. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Runner-Up

Name speaks for itself? Maybe, but it still the second place on our list.  Though we cannot disagree that this is a great product for real ab training enthusiast. This vendor really trusts its products and adds word Perfect to each of their products. And in most cases that makes sense. One of the examples – this ab carver that is created for those who take ab training seriously.

One of the most advantages of this tool is special kinetic engine that consists of carbon steel and helps you to charge your abdominal abs perfectly. Moreover, you will add your hands to this workout so it will be a double-effect. Another great thing about Perfect Fitness Ab Carver is is wheel which lets you to move to almost all sides – center, left, right and stabilizes your body. Leader in its market and great choice for both beginners and advanced sportsmen.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts (Sports)

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $29.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $27.99 USD In Stock


1. GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel + Foot/Hand Grips Top Selection 

And the winner is… Yes, it is GoFit ab wheel from Extreme series.  Ready for extreme work-out? No? Don’t be afraid, this tool works perfectly for both newcomers and professionals.

The reason we chose this product as a winner in this category is it’s duality – because of attached grips you will be able to use it for both your hands and foots. That definitely extends usage possibilities of this plastic / solid steel product (13-3/4 inch diam.). It also comes with soft gripping firm rubber to enjoy superior grip while doing exercises. Strong nylon straps is created to make sure your feets are places securely. Really helpful Gofit manual for training and examples is included in this package that may be your best choice to start reaching perfect look of abs.

Extreme Ab Wheel by GoFit (Sports)

List Price: $59.99 USD
New From: $38.39 USD In Stock
Used from: $28.54 USD In Stock

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