Best GPS running watches of 2014

Everybody wants to stay in shape and running is one of the best solutions to achieve this goal. It is a great way to start or finish your day but it is always important to remember to do it in the right way. There are a lot of best practices and articles about the right way to run but you always have find the best solution for your body. One of the great tools to control your running is running watch that helps you in a lot of ways and can become a great running partner.

Main advantage of it is that GPS running watch is collecting a lot of data about your performance like distance, average speed, running pace, rate of your heart and many other. This information is extremely important if you want to run without any injuries and avoid visiting¬†podiatrist. But how to choose the right GPS running watch¬†to use? You can find bunch of options in various price ranges and tools integrated and sometimes it is really hard to choose. That’s why we decided to compile an ultimate list of best offers that showed up in the market during 2014.


Let’s start with number 10…

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